Server Plugins

Rust Server Pretoria / South African


Plugins Used:

Blood Trail

leaves a trail of blood behind you when you are bleeding from being wounded or fall damage, will stop when you stop bleeding, nifty hey…

Time of Day

This sets the timer for night and day, no more drawn out nights. 5min night only, yes i still want night, 45min day, it still brings something to the game…


This will explain it better :

Gather Manager

This is just to set the 2x on ore nodes and wood chopping received from gathering around the world, mesa like…

Stacksize Controller

This is just to set the stack size of some items like wood, stone, metal… yeehaa

Bed Renamer

Not much to this one just a blocker to stop people messing around with placed sleeping objects, yay

Basically its vanilla with some mods, 2x gather speed on most gather nodes, 10k max stack on some items, 5 min night time, 45 min day timeā€¦